One of the most common reasons that people want to give up smoking is the huge expense involved. A few years ago smoking was a relatively inexpensive habit, especially if you could pick up a few duty free tobacco purchases.   Nowadays though it’s a very expensive habit, the cost of one pack of smokes is well over an hours salary at the minimum wage in the UK.  Imagine working a whole hour just to provide cigarettes for the day, worst due to the addiction you have to do that every single day of your life.  It’s almost like having to give a tithe to a religious cult, a proportion of your income turn to smoke every day.


Which is why that one of the most useful techniques to giving up smoking is to simply use the money you save on something as a reward.  While you are giving up, just put the money you would have spent on cigarettes aside as if you were buying them and spend it on something else instead.    It’s surprising how much you can save and it’s an important tool in continuing your quit if you see what you would have to sacrifice.

For example, why not treat yourself to a subscription to a popular media channel for your computer or TV.  You could perhaps try Amazon Prime or Netflix, although you will need an additional service for Netflix if you used to use a proxy – try this one.

The key is that it’s something you enjoy and it’s even more effective if  you have to choose between cigarettes and what you’ve chosen.  This method does rely heavily on a positive mindset though, making giving up smoking about all the improvements it brings makes it much easier.   Many people focus on the negatives and convince themselves they are bound to fail.

The reality is that there are only positives in giving up smoking, there are no drawbacks – but you have to be able to see that in your own mindset.   The money issue is after all nothing like the health problems smokers will face so to turn that into an additional benefit can be very persuasive for many.

Further reference: Using a Proxy for Netflix


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