Most pregnant mothers probably realize that smoking during pregnancy is putting their unborn child at risk. However, the complete extent of that risk is probably unknown. There are so many possible risks and negative consequences for the baby whose mother smoked while she was pregnant. The fetus can even suffer negative effects if you inhale second hand smoke. So, expectant mothers are not just protecting themselves but also the baby that they’re carrying. Even if you don’t have support at home, there are support systems available and many safe methods for quitting. Your child can suffer from the following effects if you smoke while pregnant.



The best way to quit if you are pregnant and smoke is to see either your family doctor or your prenatal doctor. You can quit smoking using various methods, approaches, and products. You may still be getting nicotine from some of these quitting aids, however. If you wear a nicotine replacement patch, for example, the nicotine that enters your bloodstream will still be absorbed by your baby. The nicotine in these patches is still a threat to your child’s health even if it is better than inhaling the hundreds of carcinogenic chemicals found in cigarettes. It is still highly recommended to speak with your doctor about the best course of action for you.

Birth defects ranging from cleft palate or cleft lip or both can be caused by smoking while pregnant.

Because the mother choose to smoke while pregnant she is taking the chance of her baby being born with a birth defect. Specifically, a cleft in any tissue is a result of incomplete closing during development or growth before birth. You child could be negatively impacted by social stigma and various speech problems.

There’s little argument about whether smoking causes harm just how much it actually does.  It’s worth doing a bit of research as they’re lots of information online,  if you get blocked anywhere just use an IP anonymizer such as this.

Parents naturally want their child to do well in life and to excel in all areas, including academically. One of the consequences of smoking before the baby is born has to do with negative effects on the baby’s brain. If the mother smokes, her baby won’t receive sufficient amounts of oxygen. The exact effects your child will suffer later in life are difficult to determine. A wide range of learning problems in children have been linked to smoking during pregnancy.

Smoking during pregnancy has serious effects that could potentially be fatal to your unborn child. The reality of it is that when you smoke while pregnant you are compromising the health of your baby. Very many of the body’s organs and processes will be negatively affected, and there is evidence supporting that your child’s future behavior may be adversely affected, as well.

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