In some ways it’s not surprising that teenagers would be the problem group when it comes to tackling smoking.   By their very nature, they tend to challenge authority and  make choices that others won’t.  The problem is that teenage smokers very quickly become adult smokers and it’s only then they realise how difficult it is to stop.



There are far more anti smoking measures being taken now than in the past, yet some teens disregard the things they have been told and start to smoke anyhow. This may be because of the reality that, despite our efforts that are great, these kids are not being completely knowledgeable regarding the real risks of smoking. As soon as they start smoking adolescents are in danger for very serious health issues. Smoking also can cause other bad habits leading to things like drinking and drug use. Parents do possess the ability to introduce their kids to the risks of smoking and are the greatest sway. There are several other factors that are environmental however, that allow it to be okay and simple for teens to smoke. With combined efforts from adults, adolescents may have the ability to get the instruction that is required and also make your choice not to smoke.

Despite all the anti-smoking plans every year budgeted into our schools, about 3000 youths a day pick up the practice of smoking.

Smoking has become taboo in our society than in the past together with smokes on television, the removal of cigarette advertisements, and smoking in public spaces.  Take a look at the British Television where advertising is very heavily regulated you won’t see any adverts for cigarettes or even shows depicting smoking – check this if you need a proxy to watch from abroad. Some teenagers still can not help but wonder what the huge fuss about smoking is.

By teaching themselves with a couple of teen smoking facts, teens are going to have better chance at staying from cigarettes and leading a healthy and long life. Smoking may have serious effects on people’s bodies and they may be much more susceptible to these dangerous effects, because teenagers continue to be in a phase of growth. There are far more than 400 compounds in much more than 40 of them and cigarette smoke, are known carcinogens.

Teen smokers have smaller lungs and hearts that are weaker than those adolescents who do not smoke. Adolescent smokers may also be more prone to becoming sick than non smoking adolescents. Teens generally do not understand that nicotine addiction becomes more strong over time. What starts out as a custom of smoking 5-10 cigs a day, could raise to some 2 pack issue.

A study reveals that people who smoke a pack of day perish on average than those who’ve never smoked. Teens who partake in smoking will also be a lot more inclined to experiment with other substances and alcohol which may cause serious troubles of their very own. Adolescents who smoke are traveling down a road that is very dangerous, and most do not understand that once they start their journeys, they’ll most probably never cease.

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