You may have heard people go on about all the money they’ve saved now that they’re not smoking.  It’s normally combined with some sort of guilt trip aimed at the smoker, you know the score – waste of money etc.  Now as a direct incentive to give up smoking, I don’t think money is every going to be the sole driver although it probably depends on the cost of tobacco where you live!   The reality is that people suffering from addictions rarely stop purely for financial reasons, however surprising that sounds.

There’s no doubt though that for many, cost is one of the contributory factors in stopping.  It also represents a very real benefit to those who are in the process of stopping smoking. Now this might sound a little confusing but the reality is that you can use the money that you save during your quit to help you succeed.

It’s easy to get started, simply on the first day of your quit, start putting away your normal amount for cigarettes.   Just put it in a jar or a bottle or whatever you want, then watch it grow – you’ll be surprised to how quickly the amount grows.  In the UK with the very high cost of cigarettes, then the sum will grow very quickly indeed, you’ll probably be amazed how much it grows.   But the trick is not to just leave it there, and saving for a new car is not going to help in the short term – the best advice is to use the money to reward yourself with regular treats the longer you stay quit.

Remember the money is not the important thing in the short term, it’s all about becoming a non-smoker.  Any treat or reward that you earn, is money well spent – keep on reinforcing the positive aspects of giving up smoking.  Maybe a night out, a trip to a restaurant or perhaps a few movies or cable subscriptions.  For me , one of my first purchases was a subscription to a VPN service which enabled me to watch the nature shows on the BBC I used to love when I lived in the UK.  Unfortunately you can’t watch them online from other countries – so I used this service, which worked great for me from the USA.

The trick is to buy something that you enjoy, that will reinforce the positive aspects of your smoking quit.

John Hapson writes on a variety of online and offline magazines and blogs.

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