Latest studies indicate that girls are more attracted to guys with a high immune system. Research also demonstrates anxiety hormone, and the facial attractiveness of guys is related to the testosterone. Therefore, if you are trying to find a partner, you might need to quit and give up smoking. Not just that cigarette smoking is one of the important reasons for tension, it’s also among the leading reasons for mortality in guys. This post will attempt to discuss the reasons why girls are more likely not to pick a partner.

1. Women hate that stinky odor.

Smokers have a distinctive metallic odor in comparison with nonsmokers. Not just that! Mouthwash and perfume cannot conceal the stinky odor of tobacco smoking. Surveys even revealed that stinky smell and bad breath is among the top turnoffs in guys.

2. It Makes Men look bad.

Many people say you can readily see a smoker at the center of the bunch. Smokers generally have skin that is drier and duller; have more wrinkles and white hairs. Girls are more attracted to men that are good looking and healthy, a study indicates. Smokers do not seem healthy or great.  Many years ago people used to think of smokers as the rugged and handsome cowboy, the Marlboro Man especially in American TV, that image is a long way from reality now especially as lung cancer took his life.

3. Smokers do not survive in bed.

Look men, the standard blood circulation within your body changes. Some studies indicate that sexual gratification in women is crucial in keeping them satisfied in a relationship.  The more you smoke the less likely you’ll last in bed, save that energy and breath for something more fun.

4. Limits Life Span 

Fatal disorders can be caused by tobacco smoking. The briefer you life becomes, the more you smoke your cigarettes. Girls are currently becoming shrewder when wedding. They’d preferably have a vocation than wed. Girls would favor guys who are not unstable in well-being and in riches.

5. Smokers spend lots on smoking.

Smoke smoking is quite expensive. This sum could have been spent in health care, and some other favorable investment like education.  Think of all the cool gadgets you could buy for example, smart phones, tablets – it wouldn’t take long to pay for something like an iPad and a UK VPN to watch the football – see this.  Beside from the health hazards related to smoking, it’s now become common for couples to divorce due to the other spouse’s smoking habit. Generally wives who can not bear their husbands’ smoking habit would file a divorce.