The Smoking ban in the UK has been running for a few years now and after initial concerns from pub and club owners everyone appears to have gotten used to it and we are now seeing the benefits.

One of the benefits is how much cleaner the establishments are and the money saved on cleaning hours has greatlyimproved them. Interiors are no longer having to withstand the heavy smoke so have a longer life and stay a lot fresher.

The customers that frequent the bars and clubs are also seeing benefits outwith the obvious health benefits attached to cutting down on smoking and staing away from second hand smoke. One thing that can be affected quite greatly is taste and without the smoke causing havock with taste buds certain events have flourished.

The rise of mixology, the art of cocktail making, is on the rise as people are able to appreciate the subtle flavours and mixes. Certain companies are taking advantage of that and offer incredible incentives for mixologists to enter competitions that see new cocktails being born and helps to improve the skills of bar worker up and down the country, click here for more info

Controversial at the time I think it is clear that it was one of the goverments better decisions to implement this change.