We have all seen the statistics, tobacoo use is falling like a rock.  In America and other westernized nations, less and less people are using tobacoo on a daily basis.  Of course, in the developing world things are much, much different.

We have heard, usually with alarm bells going off, that people in the developing world are more and more likely to be living like Americans almost every day.  For water, food and the environment, that is not a good thing.  For smoking prevention though, it is clearly a great change.  In Asia, one out of every four people smoke.  In America, it is one out of every ten people of Asian descent.  If you’re selling tobacoo products, that’s a pretty bad state of affairs, if you’re selling one of the products they generally turn to instead, like the best wine gift baskets around.  It can be a great change for the health of everyone around you and your bottom line!