Any smoker knows it can be a real struggle to even think about giving up smoking. Believe it or not even contemplating trying used to terrify me, I simply couldn’t imagine being without my smokes. But there is no real reason to suffer this smoking stress situation, because the battle is actually all in the mind.

One way stop smoking experts help put people in a positive mood about giving up is by trying to identify what is enjoyed by smokers. When you analyse the actual smoking sensation, there is very little to enjoy. Try it – when you smoke next just try and focus on what is so pleasurable.

It’s actually very hard to do because the truth is there is only one pleasure – the relief from suffering nicotine withdrawal. That relief is what people ’think they enjoy’ about smoking, it’s the deprivation they feel – the release from withdrawal. A couple of puffs from your smoke and that’s sorted – there is actually no real pleasure.

One of the problems is that people smoke almost without thinking.  It’s almost an automatic action with no sense of pleasure or experience, the reality is that it’s simply an action that resolves a craving.  I now live abroad in Turkey and am lucky enough to be able to sit outside most evenings and watch the TV on my laptop.  I usually use a proxy server to get a British IP address to watch the news like this – I used to smoke like a chimney without realising it.  Without the restrictions of being inside and not being allowed to smoke I’d just switch into an automatic mode – feeding my addiction.

Think about it carefully when you next have a smoke, you’ll realise it’s true, there is no real pleasure just relief.

Thanks to this video for the above: