I hesitated to write about this since Berkeley has a certain reputation, that being a liberal spot, perhaps the most liberal spot in the entire country.

Berkeley has decided that it is going to everything in its power as a city to stop people from smoking.  Now the city can’t actually make it illegal, but they make it exceedingly difficult to find places to smoke.

Smoking is now all but banned outside homes, as you can’t smoke within 75 feet of your neighbors house.  Of course, smoking indoors is virtually outlawed already by the state of California in Berkeley since you can no longer smoke in multi family buildings because the smoke ends up in other homes and Berkeley (this is not well known) is among the most urban cities in the country.

The city has also outlawed smoking in all commercial zones, in their entirety.  Basically if you want to have a cigarette in Berkeley, in essence you are left to smoke it in your car, with the windows up since you can’t let the smoke out the window without being fined for pollution!