Healthy living is not always easy. Changing your diet can be hard and also quite expensive but it can make you feel much better both physically and mentally. Another important step towards healthier living was the smoking ban which prohibits smokers from smoking indoors and has encouraged many to give up. There was a bit of opposition at first but now it seems almost bizarre to see someone smoking inside and this is a good thing as not only does it encourage people to give up but also saves people from inhaling second hand smoke.

A great tip I got from someone who had totally transformed their life was to book yourself into a nice, luxury hotel with a spa and gym facilities and concentrate on finding the exercise that suits you best. Finding what works for you is half the battle and making a good start can help you carry on what you started. It is important not to totally deprive yourself of fun but to just regulate what you are eating and doing.

Making small changes can have a great effect on your well being and long term health and the first step tends to be kicking that habit of smoking.