The campaign to eradicate the filthy habit of smoking is still on going, and rightly so. If you want to join the cause, you can set up your own website so that not only can you inform younger (and older) people not to smoke, but you can also help smokers how to quit. The web design pricing may vary according to what you want the site to look like, but these costs are negligible compared to the costs of smoking.


Many antismoking activists like to offer really disgusting pictures of diseases caused by smoking. Although these may work when placed on actual cigarette packets, they’re not quite as appealing if you place them on your own website. The point of these pictures is to deter—and if you place them prominently on your site you’re not deterring people from smoking. You’re just deterring them from visiting your website ever again.
Instead, have attractive pictures of people plastered all over your site. What all those people should have in common is that they’ve all quit smoking. The implication, of course, is that your visitors can also look just as good as them if only they would quit smoking. Discuss with your web designer how these pictures can affect the web design pricing for your site.

Selling Antismoking Devices

It may not be enough to tell people to quit smoking; you also have to help them quit if you can. One way to do so is to provide proven ways which smokers can adapt so that they can quit. You can even sell various devices like nicotine patches and electronic cigarettes on your site so that your visitors can quit smoking more successfully.

If you can start a business with the sale of such devices, then you can afford the web design pricing more easily while still helping out your fellow man.