After much discussion and a lot of debate we are now a few years on from the introduction of the smoking ban in public places in the UK and it is time to reflect and look at the impact. 

Publicans were worried it could drive their custom away but it now looks as if people are getting used to things and are settling down into a pattern. Most pubs and clubs have designated smoking areas for their clientele and with shelter and outdoor heaters it is not the abyss that was once feared. 

It has also led to people cutting back and stopping which has helped with their health. Another aspect of stopping smoking is that it allows the ex smoker to enjoy the taste of food and drink again which in turn is a major boost to Whisky companies that rely on peoples good taste in choosing their brand. Such Whiskey as can be found here  is of such high quality that it was really wasted before.

Other positive aspects include the fact that you are not breathing in second hand smoke on a night out and your hair and clothes no longer stink of stale smoke.

In other establishments like restaurants and betting offices the sam can be said and it is clear that the move was the right one to make and hopefully we will see the health benefits coming to fruition in the coming years.