The statistics say that most smokers have their first cigarettes as young teenagers.  Most times, they begin smoking far before they are old enough to purchase their own cigarettes legally.  I broke out of that mold, and began smoking when I was 20.  At first, it was simply to annoy my boyfriend at the time.  

My very first cigarette made me sick to my stomach and feel like I had licked the bottom of an ashtray.  Then, I would be out with my friends and have a cigarette socially while I was drinking.  It progressed then to having a cigarette as a stress reliever.  Before I knew it, I was smoking almost a pack a day—a VERY expensive habit, particularly for a poor college student.  

After college, I got a job as a cocktail waitress at a trendy bar in Chicago and EVERYBODY on staff smoked.  It was something I found myself doing on every break, whenever I had a free minute.  I quit smoking in 2002 when I was pregnant.  It was easy to quit then because I was motivated to do it for myself and my unborn child.  Unfortunately, I took the habit back up again after he was born.  It took my son becoming gravely ill for me to finally kick the habit for good.  

I have been smoke free since 2005, and still get a craving for cigarettes from time to time.  I am affected the most when I allow myself to get out of shape and drink more heavily than usual—mostly around the holidays.  I found the way for me to best beat the cravings is to stay fit.  I had tried several workout routines in the past, but I wanted one that I knew I would be able to stick with in the long run.  I found this website: which gives comprehensive reviews of a variety of different popular workout routines.  From this website, I was able to find a workout routine that is perfect for me.  This makes it far easier to not only look and feel my best, but to keep myself from giving into the cravings of cigarettes!