Smoking is gross. Let’s just face it; not only does cigarette smoke reek horrendously, but it also destroys your lungs. And sure, most people might think they will live forever, but the fact of the matter is that most smokers, if they do not quit, will wind up speaking through a hole in their neck, and if their will is weak enough, smoking out if it as well. Greenhouses are a great way to fight smoking, because just as cigarette smoke damages the environment, greenhouses and other such structure actually help to heal the environment by building something useful, and healthy, upon it.

How Planting Heals the Earth

Studies have shown the planting even a single tomato can help to heal a damaged pot of earth. If this is true, then imagine what an entire greenhouse full of fruits and veggies and herbs can do! Planting is one of the few things that we still do to help the environment. Buying a greenhouse can allow you to not only save tons of money each month on your grocery bill, but it can also help you to heal the environment, something that we should all be taking conscious steps to do.

How Planting Cleans the Air

As you well know, if it were not for trees, we would not exist. Trees take in oxygen, filter out many of the nasty, terrible chemicals that we ourselves pump in to it, and then expel clean, fresh air that we can breathe. The fact that we cut down so many trees each year and plant so few in returned shows how little companies think of the earth, and the people, us, who live on it. Do your part. Each plants acts as a miniature tree. It takes in a lot of the stuff that we can not take it safely, and cleans the air for us. This can help to slowly get rid of some of the effects that smoking has had on our air quality. Because if you are honest, then you know how damaged the air is. Cigarette smoke is tantamount to an attack on the air, each and every time that it is exhaled. In order to help better the environment, we need to start fighting back with plants, and starting off with a greenhouse is one of the best ways.