wine club waiting listI was recently granted permission to join what is widely considered the best wine club on the planet, unbelievably, I joined the waiting list over a decade ago, only a few days after I quite smoking.  I always told my wife, that she could and should remove me from the waiting list if I started again.  It served as a nice detterent for me.

That whole thing did bring a few things to mind for me, not the least of which is that one thing we all need to do in order to quit is to help give ourselves goals and new things to think about.  It’s sad to say, but so many people (myself certainly included!) spend an awful lot of our days thinking about our next cigarette, so we need something else to think about.  For me, that something has been the 10 vine vineyard I have planted in my yard.  It gives me something to do year around, which is really, really nice.