People often talk about how difficult it is to save and that there is always something that needs payed for, if you are smoking while reading this there is the perfect soloution. By quitting smoking and putting the money that you would have been spending on cigarettes away into a savings account you will be astonished at the amount you save, while making a considerable change to how much more healthier you will become.

I know of someone that did this exact thing and becasue they had always had an interest in motorbikes decided to stop smoking, save and get one. At first he didn’t think it would be possible and that the closest he would get would be looking here He stuck with it though and could not believe the amount he had been spending on smoking untill it was there in front of him, I think that gave him a bigger shock than how much damage he was doing to his body.

Just think what you could get or pay off if you stopped smoking, you could also prolong your life considerabley. Things like a big family holiday in the sun would all be possible and there would be some great memories to remember for a lifetime. Not everyone has the strength to be able to give up, there are always excuses and thats just what they are, excuses. Smoking causes disease and costs a fortune but some people are too weak willed and selfish to give it up even for the sake of their own health or their families but then you can’t even give these people a reasoned argument.