Smoking is very bad habit for people in the world. Smoking can cause lungs cancer and it is very dangerous for us. People die every minute by this. Not only smoking dangerous for people who smoke, but also people around it. People around it accidentally breathe the smoke. So we have to be careful with the smoke. A good rehabilitation for smoker is by having pet, especially cat. Cat can forget that bad habit. Don’t bother with cat litter because there is automatic cat litter box special for cat. We can manage cat’s litter easily with this tool. So what is automatic cat litter box exactly?

The litter pan is bowl-shaped and is filled with premium clumping cat litter. It rotates continuously at an extremely slow speed. There is a bowl-shaped litter tray connected to a motorized pole. The tray is mounted on a platform. A small amount of electricity is used, perhaps even less than some other electronic litter boxes, because the motor turns very slowly. A slow-turning motor takes less electricity than a fast turning motor (just like a four cylinder compact car uses less gas than a soaped-up sporty model).

Minor disassembly is required for cleaning. Both the waste receptacle and the litter bowl may be submerged in water. Make sure the bowl is completely dry before reassembly, though, because the electronics may not be exposed to water. The noise performance of this automatic cat litter box is extremely quiet; the noise is undetectable when it is working properly. If you are concerned about noise bothering you, this is the one to get!

Think about your reason to purchase it (self-cleaning, help the environment, etc.). Also, consider that it is unique, noise-free design, very little litter is wasted no special waste receptacles needed, and Good for cats under 12 lbs.; but some larger cats and multiple cats are fine.