Throughout the years there have been many campaigns to stop smoking and for years they were largely ignored with people failing to believe the health hazzards linked to smoking. Today though there seems to be a far greater awareness so the message has been making it through a bit more. The smoking ban in the UK in public places has seen a dramatic shift of opinion with many more using this as the push they needed to finally quit but the message has not quite got through to everyone.

Setting up a scheme to tackle this in different areas across the UK is hard work but setting up project management courses to better enable the people that want to help can be a good way of spreading the message. See here for more info

Hopefully people will soon realise how weak willed it is to still have this habit when they know the dangers to their health and the health of the people around them. It is an incredibly selfish kind of behaviour that sees people wasting vast amounts of money while risking their childrens health by smoking around them. 

It is my belief that companies should NOT provide smoking shelters or areas for wrkers with this habit and also allowing cigarette breaks should be abolished as what other dependancy would be allowed such lenience. Itis only by taking these drastic steps that people might actually realise how abhorrent it truly is. Of course it is anyones right to smoke, that is a fact that should not be up for dispute but when people expect special treatment and for money to be spent on them then that is where I would draw the line.

Shock tactic advertising campaigns appear to be having a bit more of an impact so we should keep them up and hopefully more people will turn away from smoking.