I remember when I smoked that the one day I would never have given up was No Smoking Day.  The idea that I would be dictated to by a load of do-gooders who had no idea about smoking always used to wind me up.  It’s like having someone tell you ’do you know the damage that is doing to you” by some smug non-smoker, of course we do !!! Every single smoker knows the risks they are taking, we know it’s not good for us, we know.

So do them a favour, don’t nag them about smoking, don’t moan or preach – it really doesn’t work.  Most people who give up successfully, do under their own steam – giving up when you don’t want to is pointless.  What you can do is be a friend, a little nudge or word of encouragement if they talk of stopping.  If doubts or problems are expressed – try and be positive, giving up smoking is an incredibly positive experience.

If they don’t look like stopping, I can recommend perhaps some sort of gift to nudge  them in  the right direction.  Try Allen Carrs – The Easy Way to Give Up Smoking as a joke gift for a brithday or Christmas.  Do it with a sense of humour and perhaps they’ll read it.  10 years ago I read that book and within three weeks I had smoked my last cigarette ever.  There’s no guarantee of course, if a friend isn’t ready to give up there’s little you can do.

But lectures on Lung cancer and prices of smoking won’t help one little bit and are more likely to lose you a friend.  There are lots of tips on the BBC website were you can find helpful links to organisations and stop smoking boards.  There are lots of forums where people help each other through the giving up process.  Using the power of social networking sites can help people keep focussed – this site – http://www.ngbconsult.co.uk/seoguide/2010/05/social-bookmarking-seo/.  Has some links to various sites and may be of use.