Choosing the right foods, maintaining a good diet by eating healthy foods, and a living a healthy lifestyle is what most people are into right now. This choice in lifestyle is also very much reflected in their restaurant choices. Not only do most people prefer to eat in a restaurant that offers a menu of healthy dishes, most people also prefer dining at a restaurant where smoking is not allowed.

Studies have shown that second hand smoking is bad for the health, that’s why plenty of people, especially those who do not smoke prefer to stay in establishment or a restaurant that offers a smoke free environment. Even clubs in Amsterdam today are joining in the trend by offering a smoking free club. A restaurant that is smoking free entices more customers as ambience seems to be better, and one can truly enjoy the aromatic smell of the dishes being prepared. It also improves appetite enticing customers to eat more and to eat healthier. A family themed restaurant or a club that offers family entertainment must definitely provide an area for non-smoking customers. Or better yet, it would be nice to have more of these establishments that are smoking free making it most ideal for families to dine in.