Now that i have packed in the cigarettes, its afforded me a lifestyle i wasn’t used to, having spent all my previous cash on my smoking habit. This the price of them nowadays it was a fair amount of cash that i was going though.

Having this new found cash i wasn’t sure what i was going to do with it. I could just go out and buy myself some new clothes, go out and get drunk or blow it on stupid things but my sencible head kicked into play and i decided that the best option would be to save this cash and treat myself to a new car.

No brand new i wasn’t smoking that much but to start saving and get myself something a lot nice than i had just now. I was currently driving a bit of a junk mobile so the though of a car i could be proud of was a great thing for me and motivated me one to keep off cigarettes and two to save the money i would have spent to put towards a new set of wheels.

Pretty exicted by the prospect i hit the internet browsing websites such as to help find the car that i new i had to have.

After several months of not smoking i felt i had enough cash once i sold my old car to get me on the first step of getting a new car.

Out i went to located me a new set of wheels and found me a beautiful BMW just within my price bracket. I couldn’t have been happier

So quiting smoking doesn’t only help your health and you back balance it also helps with your lifestyle choices.