One of the many reasons I used to enjoy smoking was the social element to it.  I used to work in lots of different places, moving from place to place it was quite hard to make friends because of this.  One of the gereat ice breakers was smoking, standing outside having a smoke was a great place to meet people and strike up a conversation. This has now changed a lot, simply because in the environments I work in – hardly anyone smokes anymore.

You still see the odd person standing in  the rain having a crafty smoke but there normally alone.  No longer the friendly looking social club – it looks more like a punishment or banishment.  The only place I still see these friendly little groups are outside the bars and pubs.

The social element has well and truly gone from smoking – now if you jump outside for a minute everyone else will carry on the conversation without you.  If you do have a little crowd at a local hostelry who still smoke then there’s nothing actually stopping you joining them.

The list of reasons to carry on smoking are nearly all gone, of course all smokers know the reasons why they should stop.  It’s a sensible way to motivate yourself to stop smoking, a little tick list of the benefits to smoking – cross them out as you think carefully about them.  There’s lots of great information to help you stop, some great resources in the UK from the NHS and various medical boards.  There’s even a load of stuff on the BBC website including if you’re quick some great documentaries about giving up smoking on the BBC Iplayer.   If you have any problems accessing these programmes because you’re not based in the UK then check out this useful site here, it shows you how to use proxies to access the BBC Iplayer in Spain, abroad or wherever you are.