It is a sign of the growing strength of the anti-tobacco movement that an ever increasing portion of the general public is ignorant of the proper care of cigars.  Why just last week I had a woman come in looking to know what the best refrigerator was for her husbands’ collection of cigars.


She was rather surprised when I told her that if she was looking for a cigar related gift for her husband, that a refrigerator was of no use whatsoever! I had to sit down and explain to her what a humidor was – she had never heard of them – and how they controlled the humidity and temperature of cigars.


To her credit, she was vaguely aware of the need to control the ambient temperature surrounding the cigars – but was not aware that keeping the tobacco too cold would inhibit the aging process and adversely affect the taste of the product.


Thankfully I was able to set her straight, and she took home to her husband a nice humidor to use for his collection.  I shudder to think what would have happened if she had gone to a Wal-Mart for advice, rather than visiting my store.


It is up to tobaccos experts like us to keep cigar smokers informed even as the knowledge of the general populace about our hobby declines.  While I admire efforts to keep kids from taking up smoking, it is a shame to see adult practitioners of the practice disparaged by their peers.