With prices rising and wage increases remaining static for many, people are looking for ways to reduce there monthly outgoings. Cigarette smoking is one of the main areas that individuals are determined to make cut backs. This is all great but it really is a case of easier said than done, as we all know smoking is highly addictive. I myself was a 15 per day smoker and had tried and failed many times to quit, not just to save money but also for the good of my own health.

After trying the usual methods of nicotine patches and cold turkey, which by the way is not something I would recommend, I came across electronic cigarettes. There were many brands but with the use of this Vapor King coupon code I found a brand that helped cut out cigarettes for good as well as save me money. The bonus with e cigarettes is that I am reducing the strength of nicotine in the e cigs and will be without the need for nicotine in the coming months.