When I smoked I had a huge list of reasons why I couldn’t give up.  I thought they were all very special reasons and only really affected me, but I was very wrong.  You see all the reasons people use to put off giving up smoking are used by everyone.  Of course we all have our particular favorites for procrastination but they’re all basically the same.  Whether you own favorite reason is stress, ’just enjoy it’ or couldn’t enjoy a meal or something similar – it’s important to realise they’ve all been used before millions of times.

One of my main reasons was boredom – I used to drive a lot and spend lots of time sitting around in the car parks that are UK city centres.  So lighting up a cigarette was something to do. Sitting at home working at my desk – boring, so had a few cigarettes.  But the reality is that it does nothing whatsoever to relieve boredom if you actually think it through.  Sitting in a cloud of smoke, choking in a traffic jam doesn’t make it more enjoyable.  The reason it seems to help is because smokers are in a permanent state of withdrawal symptoms from nicotine.

That’s right so the frustration at not having a cigarette is combined with that of sitting in a traffic jam.  You can’t solve the traffic jam, but lighting a smoke up removes that piece of stress connected to nicotine withdrawal so you feel a little bit better.  The problem is that it gives the illusion of helping pass the time of the traffic jam.  Non smokers don’t have this withdrawal feeling so a cigarette seems a completely pointless exercise – which of course it is.

It’s the same at home, you think cigarettes provide some interest when you’re bored. The reality is that the situation doesn’t change and if you think about it you’ll have the same feeling even whilst watching an exciting football match.  The feelings are withdrawal related and nothing to do with how bored you are.   I spend ages watching some great shows on Iview on ABC  by using a brilliant piece of software I found here – http://www.theninjaproxy.org/tv/how-to-use-a-bbc-iplayer-proxy/.  I now as a non-smoker enjoy them all so much more as I don’t have this nagging feeling of needing to and have a smoke all the time (usually missing the ending).

If you’re a smoker I urge you to think very carefully about all the reasons why you won’t give up.  Be honest and analyse them, I’m certain you’ll find they are all just figments of the evil trick that nicotine plays on our minds!  Just give up – the very best decision you can make.