I recently sat down with my wife, after I lost my job and had a serious look at my budget.

It was pretty incredible and damning to see that I was spending 5% of my paychecks on tobacoo.  I was paying a company to kill me more quickly, while stealing money in essence from my kids college saving plans.

That wasn’t a good thing, not at all.

I thought, I could save a ton of money-I could buy a bunch of luxury products instead, my wife and I could buy luxury gift baskets for our families around Christmas instead of the cheap discont gifts that we usually give them.  Really, the more and more I looked at it, the more surprised I was about how much money I was wasting.  The whole thing just made me really, really upset!  I’ll never go back and I can’t thank this blog and community enough for helping to fix this giant problem in my life!