I am active smoker since last 20 years. I was starting at the age of 15 and that time I saw it as an adventure and as doing something that all my friends do. I always say a joke that there are two groups of people who know each other dog owners and smokers. I simply enjoy smoking and drinking beer with friends. Everything has changed last year when I have lost my job. In addition my doctor has told me that there is something wrong with my lungs. My world collapsed and I became even more depressed. Instead of quitting smoking I was smoking even more. I was short of money and this addiction cost me a lot already. After waking up on one Saturday I realized that I need to change two things in my life stop smoking and to find new better job. I believe that as a non smoker I will also have chance to heal my lungs. It had happened that in heritage a house and some gold after my grandmother. That was tough choice but I have decided to sell gold and invest the money in my therapy. I must say that it cost me a lot but it was worth every single dollar. I have started from massages and acupuncture. I have decided also to start running and eat healthier. After a week I could see results in my look. My skin looked nice, I had more energy and I knew I am breathing with fresh air. After the treatment my doctor also told me that everything is much better with my lungs but he will recommend me to stay away from smoking. It was the best investment I have done and I believe that my granny would not mind that I have sold her gold.  Wish new look and energy I have started to look for a new job. Positive results came after 2 months. I was proud of myself. Even I have the feeling to have a cigarette when I drink a beer with friends I will not smoke.