Cutting the number of deaths caused by smoking should be the prime reason our politicians and charities have for getting people to stop smoking. It’s curious then that so many groups with a public voice choose to speak up against the use of electronic cigarettes as a means by which we can easily achieve this goal.

Electronic cigarettes are a product much like the tobacco equivalent with one major difference, they don’t contain the vast majority of the deadly ingredients which cause death and disease in those who choose to smoke. With e cigarettes there is an absence of carbon monoxide, tar, ammonia, Benzyl alcohol and the other 4000 chemicals which are most unwelcome in the human body.

The fact is that these electronic cigarettes contain just a few ingredients. There is water, nicotine, propylene glycol, and a few flavorings to make them taste a whole lot nicer than burning tobacco. While there aren’t many people who would content that breathing these things into your lungs on a daily basis is going to improve your health, you can probably assume they are a lot less harmful than the tobacco alternative.

The reality is though that there hasn’t been a lot of research carried out to ascertain just how much damage long term e cigarette use is going to cause. Even if we are sure they are less damaging than using tobacco, the regulatory bodies and stop smoking groups want cold hards fact before they opening encourage their use.

Over time there is no doubt this evidence is going to be forthcoming, but in the meantime it might put many smokers who could benefit from e cig use off buying one. In our opinion this is hugely unfortunate as we are of the belief that any product which can stop us from inhaling copious amounts of tar and carbon monoxide has got to be a step in the right direction. Having said that, it’s always more preferable if smokers can completely break an addiction to nicotine if you want to improve your health as much as possible.