I have been trying to give up puffing on the weed for many years. I was killing myself and I knew it but nothing I tried could get me to stop. I tried cutting down, I tried patches inhalers, gum. I tried acupuncture and yoga and just about everything except being stuck on a desert island, with no tobacco for a year. Then I met up with some friends who were all trying to quit as well.

We had a sit down and discussed our addiction and how to fight it. The one of the group had a flash of genius; we needed to give ourselves a reward system to encourage us through the really hard times when we were off the puff. I could not think of anything more compelling than a healthier lifestyle, but one of the girls said that she would love to go out coach riding in the snow. So I found her the answer to her desire  which could provide all of the necessaries or just such an event.

It holds no glamour for me, but it was just the spur on that she needed. When she felt like lighting up she would go to the web page and read all about the trips and look at the pictures of those happy people cutting about in the snow.

It is proving to be a Godsend to her and maybe she has hit upon a way of getting past the quitting blues…who knows. Anyway I am still having a go at stopping, but my incentive is a marlin fishing trip in the summer. All of the money I would normally spend on smokes I put in a jar and will empty it out in June.

The ay I smoked I smoked I could have afforded to buy the boat never mind rent it. But there is still a way to go yet…only 109 more days till I get my feet wet.