I have had a really torrid time quitting smoking. I’ve tried patches, I’ve tried nicotine gum and I’ve tried these new e cigarettes. I even tried hypnosis. None of it worked. So far the most successful strategy I have found is to take up a hobby. I calculate how much money I have saved by not smoking and I use that cash to pursue my hobby. It is a reward system that seems to work for me. So far I haven’t had a smoke for 2 months, and I’ve become engrossed in my new hobby which, funnily enough is also saving me money.

My hobby is green interior design. In other words I’m trying to turn the interior of my house into a more environmentally friendly space. By doing so I have improved the air quality, I have reduced my consumption of precious resources such as water and electricity, and I have cut down my household bills. I really like that green interior design benefits both me and the environment.

So far I have changed all my incandescent light bulbs for energy saving compact fluorescent light bulbs. I have also added a few LED lights with solar panels in the garden. I have put in a low flow shower unit into the bathroom to reduce the water used for washing by half. I have also put insulation in my loft space.

My latest challenge has been to install a good programmable thermostat. After much deliberation I opted for the Lux Products TX9000TS. It is a device that lets me choose the times and settings for each day of the week. I have now matched my schedule with the heating / cooling of the house. My Lux Products TX9000TS thermostat also pre-heats or pre-cools the house so I always get home from work to a comfortable environment. The device also tells me when to change the filters so the HVAC is always running at its most efficient.

I’m now eagerly anticipating a reduction in my heating and cooling bills instead of pining for a cigarette.