A new healthier you can be just around the corner. But you have to want it. Simply dreaming of a better life is one thing. Going out and making it happen is something entirely different. This is why wanting to give up smoking is only the beginning.

There are all sorts of aids to quiting smoking. Some obviously more effective than others. In my opinion, focussing on the giving up part is the wrong way to look at things. Rather than trying to deny yourself something which you associate with pleasure and relaxation, wouldn’t it be better to associate smoking with danger, ill-health, smelliness, dirtiness and being a waste of money. Then it hopefully becomes easier to put cigarettes out of your life.

Moreover, most people choose to give up smoking to improve their health. I know I did. It got the stage where I realized I was no longer a young man and that my lifestyle would, sooner or later, catch up with me. It definitely took me a few goes to give up cigarettes for good. But having the occasional relapse, while not ideal is better than never giving up at all.

Think about how much you spend on cigarettes in a month, or over 3 months. Why not look through some juicer reviews and pick out a machine that you can use to introduce into your system lots of health giving nutrients?

Giving up smoking is about reducing the damage that you do to your body. Juicing and taking exercise are two positive steps that you can take to increase your level of overall health.