A friend of mine, who has tried on and off for years to quit smoking, finally succeeded last year. She decided that she needed a pleasant impetus to get her started and decided that she would probably do better if she took herself off to completely different surroundings. She couldn’t afford to book herself into rehab so she decided that her family holiday was going to be the start of her campaign to finally give up. Far quite a while her kids had ben badgering her to go to Disney so she thought that if she went on such a busy holiday and stayed somewhere really nice like the Caribe Cove Resort in Orlando which doesn’t allow smoking in its condos¬† – even on the balconies – that it might take her mind off the urge to smoke sufficiently enough to gat the cold turkey part of her plan over with with somewhat less trauma than simply being at home and going to work etc.¬† What can I say? It did the trick.