We all have probably tried an online dating site in the past or several of them in my case as I love free dating sites such as rencontre gratuit in French (although I work in the US I am originally from Montreal, Canada where we speak French). To cut my French short, my experience and the same of many other people is that you have the option in search to also search for non-smokers aside from that you don’t really care if the person smokes or that the other person smokes (most likely to be the case with people who smoke). As I personally dislike to date girls who smoke as there are multiple disadvantages of dating a girl who smokes such as the smell of it, the smell it gives your clothes and more importantly the negative health effects smoking has on your body. Most people are unfortunately very unaware of the health risks that inhaling air that contains the smoke of other people that do smoke cigarettes. This is why we want to promote non-smoking as you can benefit in many ways aside from health, money but most importantly in life: finding love.