Even though we do not necessarily promote or want to promote financial products in general as borrowing money involves interest rates. But in this case we believe it can help you become more physically healthy and potentially save even more money that is not being spent on buying cigarettes. Taking a personal loan to go and follow a smoking rehab course to quit smoking forever can be a worthwhile investment. How can this be true? Most smokers smoke on average a pack of cigarettes a day and now multiply this by the days in a year and you will see why a persoonlijke lening as my Dutch mom would call a personal loan, can make sense. Not only direct benefits will be noticeable, but also your medical costs, which are very high already, will strongly decrease as you have eliminated a potential health risk and cost factor for your medical insurer. With the many benefits I have summed up in this article I hope I have made some sense to you why you should stop smoking.Not convinced? Than take a good look below what you can do with all the money you can potentially save and spent on more life-enriching moments and experiences in life. With the money saved you can go on vacation, buy a used car (preferably a Toyota Prius) or buy a ticket to see the Indy 500 live.