If you are giving up smoking the best thing to do is try to take your mind off it, why not do something out in your garden? perhaps grow some flowers?

Plant loads of daffodils around your greenhouses for a massive burst of colour in the spring time.  The bulbs will need to be planted the winter before the correct way up.  The bulbs are relatively cheap to buy.  They are best planted in groups for maximum effect.

The daffodils can start to come through as early as January.  They will flower in March or April.  Some are bright yellow and some are a more pale yellow.  However if you plant them around the greenhouses in groups all shades of yellow will look amazing.  Also they are quite long lasting.  They are also great as cut flowers and will brighten up your home. 

Once the flowers have died back they will not flower again until the next year.  But once the bulbs are in the ground they will return year after year.