Juice BenefitsIn California alone, over 40,000 people die of causes related to smoking. A whole lot of people smoke and the troubling thing about smoking is that its effects are not limited to smokers. Sadly, second-hand smoke is even more deadly. If youve finally realized that its time to think about your health and that of the people around you, then you must considering quitting smoking.

Unfortunately, you cant exactly go cold turkey when you quit. Some people may swear by it but theres no point in going through something so torturous when you can do something more pleasant yet get to the same end result. So what can you do? You can try doing a juice detox to help you quit. As the juices cleanse your system, your cravings start going away, this will really help you in quitting smoking.

Doing a juice detox

The best way to go about a juice *detox is to make your own juice using juicers like the Breville BJE510XL. This way, you know exactly what will be in your glass, letting you avoid unnecessary additives that just wont do you any good. Just make sure that you load up on as many fruits and vegetables so you can get all the nutrients you need. If you havent exactly been eating fruits and vegetables lately, make sure you ease into your detox by slowly consuming fruits and vegetables. Before you completely go on a juice detox, ease into things by eating fruits and vegetables first.

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Make the commitment

Its a good time to invest in juicers like the Breville BJE510XL when youre looking to quit smoking because a juice detox is a great way to get you cleansed and prepped for a life of clean living. However, the uses of juicers like the Breville BJE510XL do not stop after you are completely able to say goodbye to smoking. Rather, quitting smoking is just the beginning. Use your juicer to continually detoxify your system and be at the best level of health all the time.