I was dining in a new restaurant one day and I found many delivery men hurriedly leaving the place carrying with them food. I presumed that those were orders from customers who phoned the restaurant. The funny thing is I did not hear any phone ring at all. Before I left the place, I asked the waitress who waited on me if I could speak to the manager. I was led to the counter where a man was busy looking at the computer. I greeted him and I could see he was a bit annoyed for being interrupted. I asked him to whom the food would be delivered to and he said to their online customers. Because I am an online entrepreneur, I asked for their website which made him smile as he gave me a calling card.

I asked the man how long did their restaurant exist on the web and he said it started a couple of months back. The restaurant he proudly said earned so much with online deliveries. When I asked him how he set up the business online, he said he hired an internet marketing company. Because of this, the restaurant became known in the whole city and deliveries were made to homes, offices and schools.

I could not help but think of my own success with my internet business which people all over the world knew of even if it was just situated in my own little house. I engaged in business because I wanted to make huge profits and thanks to the seo agency I hired, I got my wish — me being visible on the web.