You have probably heard of Subway Jared and his amazing weight loss, achieved by eating at Subway only. Before you go and spend your Subway coupons you might be wondering which the healthiest sandwich choices at Subway are these days, since it has been a while now since Jared went on his diet.

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Subway actually make it quite easy for you to figure that out because they put all of their lowest calorie and best for you subs on the “Fresh Fit” section of the menu. all of the 6” subs contain at most 350 calories but the best part about any of them – and there are nearly a dozen of them to choose from – is that they are very low in fat – a great thing for anyone trying to lose a few pounds.

One word of warning though – if you pile your healthy sub full of extra dressing and mayonnaise you could add hundreds of calories, so be careful to take the extras you choose into account before you calculate the final calorie value.