I am 39 years old and have smoked for 25 years but I really want to kick this ghastly habit.  Not only am I a smoker but also massively overweight so a change has got to come now, before it is too late for me.  I want to be around to see my daughter get married and take my grand children to the park on a hot summers day.  The only way is to become tobacco free and change my lifestyle.

I have looked at Electronic cigarettes and nicotine gum but the way I am going after seeing my GP is on patches.  Not only that but I am changing my diet and taking more exercise.  I have already bought myself a concept 2 rowing machine for Christmas and I am planning on getting my old bike out of the shed and dusting it off so I can go on regular bike rides.  I am so looking forward to the change and I am ready for it for once.  I have tried many times to give up but have never really wanted it.  This time is different, I know I can do it, I know I need a new lease of life and I am going to go all out to get it.  I am finally going to be tobacco free!