I confess that I used to smoke about 20 cigarettes each day. I tried many times to stop but found it so difficult. In the end I switched to smoking a pipe which is deemed to be safer because you don’t inhale, but the smell can be awful! After a couple of years I managed to stop completely and I now do everything I can to look after my health and I really feel the benefit from drinking aloe vera gel.

Around ten years ago I had a couple of bouts of acute pancreatitis. I found a major hospital in the UK where I live had successfully treated patients with pancreatitis for over 20 years just by giving them a powerful combination of vitamins and antioxidants, a natural treatment. Unfortunately the tablets passed through my system too quickly to give me much benefit because a side effect of pancreatitis is acurately called ‘urgency’ – the need to visit the toilet at very short notice! Fortunately more research on the Internet led me to aloe vera gel which is stuffed full of vitamins and antioxidants. The liquid form of the aloe vera gel drink worked much better than the tablets and aloe vera’s anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to boost my immune system has enabled me to stay healthy. Try it.