Immune System

Do you always find yourself in a constant state of colds, flu or sometimes high fever when everyone else seems to be going about their business without the slightest glitch? Well, blame it on your immune system. The research has shown that  Cordyceps is one of the best natural immune system boosters.

A strong immune system pretty much determines whether you leave an active and healthy life, as those with weak immune systems generally tend to be dull and overly sickly. Lymphoid organs are located in the whole of your body. They host the small white blood cells, commonly known as lymphocytes which help to guard your body against disease causing organisms. These lymphocytes and phagocytes (the blood cells that protect the body against foreign particles and bacteria) basically form the immune system. All immune system cells work together to operate effectively. When this fails to occur, that is when you start to develop a weak immune system.

Many factors may lead to a weak immune system but the most common include diseases such as HIV virus, multiple sclerosis and lupus, which gradually weakens your body affecting the tissue that connects the body and organs, hence causing a breakdown in the immune system.
Excessive alcohol consumption also deprives the body of valuable nutrients and causes nutritional deficiency by stopping the white blood cells, which are responsible for defending the body against diseases from multiplying.

Poor diet is known as one of the major contributers to a weak immune system. Consuming excess sugar suppresses your immune system by depleting the Vitamin C present and breaks down the immune system cell structure.

The all important question then becomes how do we boost our immunity once it starts to diminish, studies put Cordyceps as among the best immune system boosters. It has been used in the Far East and in China for many centuries to help improve the body’s function in many ways. Essentially, these extracts come from mushrooms and fungus and once they are extracted that can be refined into an effective supplement. It becomes highly effective because it will attack the pathogens that are known to undermine the immune systems.

Other recommended immune boosters include vitamins, including vitamin C, which tops the list of immune boosters since its relatively inexpensive; Vitamin E which promotes the production of B-cells, the immune cells that produce antibodies that destroy bacteria; garlic which is a potent immune booster that fuels the reproduction of white cells that are used to fight infections, increases the efficiency of antibody production and stimulates killer cell activity.